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Many people of all ages suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are painful and debilitating conditions in their own right. In addition, they are usually part of the problem of every other psychiatric condition. Even when the focus of therapy is not on anxiety or depression, symptoms of these conditions are part of a person’s experience and needs to be addressed in any competent treatment.

Anxiety disorders are a group of related conditions that look very different from one person to another. Severe anxiety can occur from preschool to adulthood, and it can be debilitating. We do need to have some anxiety in our lives, however. Mild levels of anxiety can be beneficial. Anxiety is very closely related to the fear response. Anxiety is the ancient “fight-or-flight” response that results in both physical and emotional arousal. A person with no anxiety has no drive or motivation. Mild anxiety makes us more alert, helps to focus our attention, and aids us in rallying our resources to address life challenges. In beneficial anxiety, the arousal can be controlled and directed toward the task at hand. All too often in our modern world, however, anxiety spirals out of control and causes unnecessary difficulties. If anxiety is hampering your ability to live your life in a productive and happy manner, please give me a call. I have many techniques to employ to help you reduce your arousal to a healthy level. Treatment for anxiety is often short-term and straight-forward. Within a few sessions, I can teach you techniques to reduce your anxiety to a healthy and functional level. I also have techniques to aid young children suffering from anxiety.

Depression is rampant in our world right now. There are many people who are severely hampered by depression in their ability to live a happy and productive life. In our world of high technology, as our interactions with computers become more and more frequent, we often find that our face to face interactions with real human beings decrease. Technology is not the problem here, but it becomes a problem if it starts to replace healthy human connections. We all need to have authentic and affectionate relationships with many other people. A relationship maintained through a computer connection does not offer the same life-giving benefits as an authentic face-to-face relationship. For many people, our increased reliance on computers is a common scenario that can increase depression. This is especially true for adolescent clients. I have many techniques to decrease depression in all age groups.

Along with anxiety, depression is typically part of the picture of most psychiatric disorders and many medical conditions. There are many different kinds of depression. If you are currently in an abusive situation, then you are appropriately depressed. I can work with you in a sensitive and confidential manner to help you change your life situation. If you experienced abuse or trauma in your past, then you are likely to be suffering from depression now. I have decades of experience in helping clients to process a history of trauma and move beyond it. I have years of experience in treating depression in all age groups, and I can help you or one of your loved ones to recover from depression.

Medications for anxiety and depression are too widely prescribed in our world. It can be difficult to avoid a prescription medication from a primary care provider for anxiety or depression. There are clearly cases in which medications are necessary and helpful. If that is the case with you, then I will help you adjust to the need to take the medication. There are other cases in which the medications are helpful but only for a short period of time. I can help you judge when a medication has served its purpose. In our world right now, however, the payment structure for mental health care emphasizes the treatment of anxiety and depression by medication. Competent psychotherapy will help you or your loved one learn vital life skills that will help you manage the challenges of life. Powerful prescription medications with their many side effects are a poor substitute for effective psychotherapy.

I have decades of experience in treating anxiety and depression in all ages. Please give me a call today, and start on a road to recovery.

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